Afterglow’s only album.

Released in 1968, it has been rated on as a top 500 album released that year.

Welcome to Afterglow. 

The original and only members of Afterglow: Larry Alexander, Ron George, Gene Resler, Roger Swenson and Tony Tecumseh have heard the pleas for more and are dusting off old records, old tapes, old photos and previously unreleased music.

The members of Afterglow are pleased to welcome a talented musician, Stefan Barboza, to the group.  Stefan has a lifetime of musical experience and has played with Afterglow’s lead singer, Gene Resler for decades.  The group enjoys Stefan’s musical expertise as well as his musical vision.

Welcome to Afterglow, Stefan Barboza

Thank You!

To all of our fans who made the College of the Siskiyous’ Alumni Day a success!  Afterglow performed at the College of the Siskiyous in Weed, CA on October 3, 2009 and the concert rocked.  Thanks to the College Foundation for hosting the group and all of the fans who came out to have fun.


Afterglow Unearthed

Stefan Barboza of Afterglow